The world's first charity museum
In war time

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Cats are protecting Cats are helping Cats are creating

About the project

Goals & Mission

  • Saving Ukrainian children's memories of the war in the form of creativity by converting them to NFT format;
  • Sharing children's art with the world and preserve the memory of historical military events;
  • Funds from the sale of NFT are going to charity so Children can help themselves and adults.

Through blockchain technology we want to provide resource for everyone who will join the Museum:

  • Young Artist — helping them start their creative growth;
  • Victims of the war — giving them support and hope;
  • Collectors — opportunity for unique collections of art;
  • Philanthropist — giving you the opportunity to do good things.

Information for parents

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In order for your child to become an author of NFT works in our museum, please fill out the form below.

NFT collections

Young artists create unique things, and we open them up to the world.
Visit the museum and see the unique art!


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August 2022

“Cats of Warrr”

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September 2022

“Children's voices”

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September 2022

“NFT Poems”

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November 2022

“Artificial intelligence and real society”

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December 2022


Our team

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Zhenya Karyakin

Project leader
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Maxim Drapikovsky

Project manager
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Denis Shilenko

Project designer
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Mikola Korolev

Art Director
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Dima Litvinov

Founder of the 24UA charity foundation
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Valik Sayenko

Founder of the 24UA charity foundation
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Sasha Sayenko

Auction curator
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Vitalik Jaceko

Creative motion designer and editing director

Questions answers

What is NFT

NFTs are tokens that can be used to indicate ownership of unique objects. They allow you to convert works of art, collectibles, and even real estate into tokens.

They can only have one official owner, and they are also protected by the Ethereum blockchain, so no one can change the owner's record or make a copy of the NFT.

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How do i buy nft kids ua

You can buy our NFT for cryptocurrency. To do this, you need to have your own crypto wallet.

Instructions on how to create and activate a crypto wallet are available here

How to sell nft kids ua later

Each NFT Kids UA token can be publicly sold in markets such as OpenSea, Coinbase NFT, and others.

Where does the money from the sale of nft kids ua go

All money from the sale goes to the charity foundation 24UA

Support the project

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